Trust-Based Relational Intervention


Join us for an exploration of connection-focused parenting skills with guest Sally Gradin, CSWA, therapist, adoptive parent & parent educator. Sally specializes in supporting adoptive families and knows about raising teens and tweens!


Adopting and fostering can bring a grab-bag of milestones and mysteries at once! For kids with experience not getting their needs met and many broken is a skill needing LOTS of support.

Feel confident understanding your kids' needs behind BIG behaviors like testing limits, frequent meltdowns, aggression, and defiance. Up-to-date research on brain science, child development, and attachment is distilled in this approach to helping parents lead by setting the emotional tone in your family--helping your child manage big feelings and fears. 

We'll dive into how kids' emotions work, tools for setting limits, making stronger connections, and weathering the push-pull of attachment challenges. TBRI skills can help you build a stronger relationship with your child through the school-age and teen years, from a foundation of trust and meaningful repair. 

JOIN us May 8 @ 6:30pm for a Community Workshop 

“Trust-Based Relational Intervention : Create a More Trusting Connection with Your Kid



5441 SE Belmont St, Portland OR 

TBRI Skills can help you: 

  • Build bonds of affection & trust with your adopted child
  • Effectively deal with learning & behavioral disorders
  • Discipline your child with love, without making them feel threatened

Contact host & adoption therapist, MereAnn Reid, for questions & more info