Parenting By Connection ~ Fall 2016 Mini-Series

I'm offering a series of peer-to-peer parenting support in November. We'll learn in a small group 4 Essential Tools of Parenting By Connection, an attachment- and trauma-savvy parenting approach that many families have found useful in connecting with their kids, ages preschool-teen. 
We'll gather in a small group, led by Child & Family therapist, MereAnn Reid. Clients will get guidance on these core parenting principles, as well as support for the tough job of parenting through dedicated Listening Time every group. 
$150 for the series, family discount available. Limited to 6 participants, intended for parents of children age 3-10 years old. Classes are held in NE Portland. 
Contact MereAnn Reid, MA, (971) Series is appropriate for children in all types of families; couples, sole parents, and step-parents welcome. MereAnn specializes in support with foster and adoptive families. 
We'll meet 4 times over 3 weeks
12:30-2pm Sat Nov 5
6:30-8pm Tues Nov 8
12:30-2pm Sat Nov 19
6:30-8pm Tues Nov 22

Special Time~How creating little nuggets of attention, delighted focus, and warmth with your child has the power to bridge rifts in connection and heal hurts, insulating and accessing the more tender parts of your shared experience
Playlistening~Holding onto the positive power of belly laughter, rough-and-tumble play, and emotional release to help your child work through stuck spots & tantrums
Staylistening~Using the anchor of deep listening to support your child in braving big emotions. Letting go of "time outs", behavior charts and ultimatums, this approach to off-track behavior creates more resilient kids with the flexibility to reconnect after tough transitions, disappointments, and overwhelm
Setting Limits~Being clear about your family values and own emotional hot buttons can help you set loving limits with attention to your child's experience and your own presence as a calm, steady anchor, parenting beyond the cycle of negotiation and power struggles
I'd love for you to share this info with families or friends seeking parenting support. The next series, including some additional tools, will likely run in Spring 2017.