MereAnn Reid, MA, LPC Intern

Child + Family Therapist | Adoption Specialist

Photo credit: Sean McGrath, flickr 2009


My child and family therapy practice is focused on conscious parenting, adoption support, and child development. I help kids feel seen and heard, teach parents powerful tools for connection, and explore how our relationship experiences shape our responses to stress, love, and meeting our needs. 

I offer play therapy, parent groups, and whole family support in a cozy old house in Portland, OR. 

Certified Adoption Therapist

Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Candidate

Supervisor Rachael Berkeley, LCSW


Consider the possibility that we are communicating with one another All. The. Time. What if even the most maddening or "stuck"-feeling behavior, tantrums and power struggles are conveying a basic need requiring attention? How is your child communicating with you? What is the need behind the harsh words, difficult transitions, or unworkable behavior? I help families healing from loss, infertility, adoption, divorce, and other big family changes to get unstuck and move forward together toward more connection, understanding, and trust. 


There are many paths back from disconnection to more shared experience and support. Some of these need no words to do their work. The benefits of therapeutic play and sandtray therapy bring together the senses of the body and unspoken worries, inviting play with expressive art and miniatures that make even big problems feel more manageable. We know from modern neuroscience research that safe, reliable connections with caregivers and loved ones can serve to map the brain and other sensitive body systems with strategies for growing empathy, coping skills, strong bonds, and moving from crisis to calm. This can be a HUGE step toward more connected parenting--effectively reducing the fight-flight response (tantrums!), supporting new ways to manage big emotions (regulation!) and meet life's challenges (resiliency!) I offer individual child counseling, family play therapy, and parenting support