Lifestory Book Basics: Telling the Story

6-9pm Friday, July 14, 2017 NE Portland

$70/person; $105/family

With only bits and pieces--or even difficult details--about your child's early life, you can create a cohesive and positive story of how she came to join your family. This workshop offers guidance, samples, and discussion for parents who want to create a beautiful and engaging tool for telling their child's adoption story. Understand the significance of this type of book, explore starting points, do's and don'ts, and how to break information into kid-friendly chunks. We'll look at adoption narratives in pop culture + tips for telling adoption stories. REGISTER 


Lifestory Workgroup: Create the Book

4-part Series :: Winter 2017; NE Portland $150

It's time to create your child's most special book: The story of their very own adoption 

This dynamic 4-part series offers creative space, support from fellow adoptive parents, and facilitated discussion with MereAnn Reid, a therapist certified in post-adoption support. Designed as a hands-on, interactive workshop, the Lifestory Workgroup offers prompts to jumpstart essential pages, structured time to make a personal adoption storybook, kind support, and tips on telling even tough truths gently. Lifestory Book Intro is a pre-req.

Our small 4-session workgroup will offer...

- space + support for your first (or next) lifestory book pages

- practice choosing words for your child's age and stage

- prompts for sharing your child's story with honesty + warmth

- adoption conversation starters and including kids' artwork 

- strategies for preserving "one-of-a-kind" mementos + photos

- reflecting different adoption stories in the same family

- capturing "lost moments"

I'd love to have you join us for some making and discussion. My 3-hour Lifestory Book Intro is a pre-requisite.