Groups + Parent Workshops

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Adoption Parenting Group

SE Portland, 10:30am-12, 3rd Fridays 

NE Portland, 6:15-7:45pm, 3rd Wednesdays 

 $20/family. Peer support & discussion with fellow adoptive parents. Inquire HERE


Waiting Families Group

NE Portland, 6:30-8pm, 2nd Tuesdays

Considering adoption? Waiting for a match? Wait with us. Inquire HERE


Parenting Adopted Teens

The teenage years bring so many changes for kids’ bodies, brains, and relationships.

Maintaining influence and connection with your teen is an important part of family survival—and even thriving—during this time of growth and growing pains. Exploring their identity and trying to fit together past experience with new expectations is a huge task for kids. This group is intended to support, inform, and listen to you in the journey of Parenting Adopted Teens.


Join us for a 4-part parent workshop and peer support group:

  • Understand identity development as a healthy and dynamic process
  • Discover how stress and past grief shape new relationships + risk-taking behavior
  • Get specific tips + tools for talking with kids about their feelings and questions
  • Shine a light where trauma, early neglect, and brain development overlap
  • Build connection with your teen and confidence as a parent
  • Feel supported by other families with similar stories and concerns


Hand in Hand Parenting Study Group

Join us for peer-to-peer parenting support. We'll create a small study group to deep-dive into 5 Essential Tools to Listen to Your Child

A creation of Parenting By Connection, this is an attachment- and trauma-savvy parenting approach many families have found useful in connecting and re-connecting with kids ages 3-10. 
This small study group, we'll explore and practice tools for deep listening, reducing family conflict, helping kids regulate, and supporting YOU!
You get:
  • guidance on core-connection parenting principles
  • support for the tough, dynamic, ever-changing job of parenting 
  • dedicated, deep Listening Time each session
Limited to 6, intended for preschool & school-age parents. This series is appropriate for children in all types of families; couples, sole parents, and step-parents welcome. REGISTER

Special Time~ How creating little nuggets of attention, delighted focus, and warmth with your child has the power to bridge rifts in connection and heal hurts, insulating and accessing the more tender parts of your shared experience
Playlistening~ Holding onto the positive power of belly laughter, rough-and-tumble play, and emotional release to help your child work through stuck spots & tantrums
Staylistening~ Using the anchor of deep listening to support your child in braving big emotions. Letting go of "time outs", behavior charts and ultimatums, this approach to off-track behavior creates more resilient kids with the flexibility to reconnect after tough transitions, disappointments, and overwhelm
Setting Limits~ Being clear about your family values and own emotional hot buttons can help you set loving limits with attention to your child's experience and your own presence as a calm, steady anchor, parenting beyond the cycle of negotiation and power struggles
I'd love for you to share this info with families or friends seeking positive, connected parenting support.