Support Services

I use a whole-family, child-centered approach, informed by developmental psychology, attachment theory, and play therapy training. I offer a range of support to meet different family needs, including sandtray, play therapy, family therapy, 1:1 parent coaching, and groups. Areas I commonly help with include parent-child connection, attachment & bonding following adoption, healing early trauma, complicated grief, and child behavior concerns. You are welcome to contact me here or by phone for a free initial consult: 971.533.0228

Parenting Support

I specialize in parenting and family dynamics, adoption support at any age, and child development concerns. After an initial phone chat, I typically invite parents in for a 90-min consultation, including family background information, a bit about your child's development, and a bit about the areas where you'd most like help + support. You can expect an informed and professional perspective, concrete tips + resources, compassionate feedback, tailored referrals to meet your needs, and treatment recommendations, as appropriate. 

These are some common areas of concern: 

  • new parenthood
  • preschool years
  • teenage years
  • grief or trauma in kids and adults 
  • ambiguous loss (infertility, adoption, divorce, family move)

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Adoption Consultation

Parenting support that considers the overlap of child development, family transitions, and adoption themes can help sustain family connection across the lifespan.  

For adoptive families, private consultation may focus on a specific area of concern or explore how child development and adoption can overlap. Contact me to schedule. Some common struggles adoptive families face are: 

- how + where to begin the adoption process

- understanding attachment + bonding

- decoding early life influences, including neglect, trauma, orphanage life, and genetic connections

- navigating open adoption

- transracial family life

- talking with kids about adoption 

- soothing grief + ambiguous loss

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Sandtray & Play Therapy

Play is often said to be the native language of children. Therapeutic play includes open-ended, expressive tools inviting the creative, intuitive, emotional voice into conversation. An amazing feature of powerful materials like sand, miniatures, dolls, and art supplies is that they can all be used non-verbally! My approach to sandtray honors their communication style by staying in the imaginary realm with my child clients, saving analysis and coding themes for after the session, seeking to truly see and understand my clients' perspective while we share the space and toys. 

For kids who struggle with self-expression, big emotions, or deep uncertainty, the playroom and toys create a container for their grief and worries, a structure for their stories, and a thread of consistency in the midst of change or chaos. Additionally, for children making sense of trauma, the tactile experience of moving sand, building whole worlds, and mark-making with a patient witness can have a strong healing influence. 

For parents, observing and participating in therapeutic play can offer a glimpse into your child's inner world and a chance to experiment with new paths of communication. Contact me to schedule. 



Contact me to schedule an initial consultation. I offer a free 20-min phone consult for new clients. 

Initial Intake, new clients $160
Child/Family session $95 
Groups $20-35
Workshops $70-105
Professional group training, By Request 

I invite you to ask about reduced fee options, should cost create a concern. I do not bill insurance directly. Some clients elect to receive a monthly receipt to submit for insurance reimbursement.